3 Ultimate Sensual Secrets!

Look & Feel More Sensual, Confident, & Desirable 
For Professional Business Women 



You’re a woman who’s worked hard for success, you’ve put in the time and energy, but now you have a burning desire for something more. Now, imagine an experience from the comfort of your home, on your own time where you can indulge in the daily experiences that will quickly transform you from savvy professional woman, into a Sensual Goddess and attract the man of your dreams who is your perfect match or renew the relationship you with the man you love.

You will learn how to

  • Give yourself permission to let go, indulge and play in your deepest fantasies and pleasurable desires shamelessly

  • Harness the power of your sensual sexual energy and become a magnet to the man you love or dream about

  • Transform your body into the vision and feeling of vitality, beauty and sensuality

  • Easy to incorporate playful practices so you can feel more internally joyful, self confident, and create more of what you want with ease


  • You’ll receive more playful practices to open up and let in more sensual, pleasurable and joyful experiences daily.

  • Daily email support with support to create a sensual life and relationships in which you never have to compromise and you can always have it all your way.

My Story:

There I was, a newly divorced busy Online business owner and homeschooling mother of 5 living in yoga pants with the shortest haircut possible because I didn't have time to have it done. At the time I was struggling to start over with a new career in a new city.

My world had been turned upside down! 

The thing is, at the time I was trying to get over feeling rejected, ugly, depressed, and blaming myself for being such a relationship failure. I had experienced 3 divorces by the age of 41.


At the time the big problems in my life were:

  • I was missing my children so much and the "other" woman was now living with my former husband and the last two of my 5 children.
  • My mom died that same year at only 61 and my dad years earlier at 50.
  • My own health was suffering from severe anxiety and depression I could hardly eat and way becoming way too thin. 

Deep inside, I knew I had to start taking care of myself to be there for my kids and my new career or wind up like my parents in an early grave. That meant suddenly I found myself viewing my own mortality and feeling so alone in a new city, without my children, and with both my parents gone. I felt like all I had was myself. This all forced me to take a good look at myself and contemplate what I had created in the past, who I was, who I wanted to become now, and what I wanted to create now. 


Then something amazing began happening... 

  1. I made a decision to begin fueling my body with fresh smoothies everyday.
  2. I started playing like a child and opening myself up to new experiences.
  3. Next, began learning about men and seeking to understand them while at the same time I was interviewing many happy long-term couples to discover their secrets for relationship success. This all allow me to create a new vision of what I wanted in a loving and deeply connected relationship with a man. 

Within no time it became crystal clear to me that I was looking, feeling, and being more sensual, sexy, and joyful with an outer glow and inner vibrance. I began attracting men like a magnetic. I noticed how much more pleasure, connection, and love I was experiencing in all of my relationships and in my life in general.

I had a new thirst for life unlike I'd ever experienced before. 

Right away I started to plan out how I could share these secrets with my friends, coaching clients, and other professional women who were also struggling with feeling sexy, beautiful, confident, and sensual. 

So I started writing down everything that I was having success with and dividing it into 3 separate books. But I didn’t stop there.


I then started sharing the books with my friends and clients who were also successful professional business women and struggling with lack of sex and/or were expressing how they wished to feel more sensual, sexy, confident, and beautiful so they could attract a loving man into their life. 

After that, I started to witness results from other women, reports like, “I’m having the best sex of my life at 60!” And “I’m my 48’s and for the first time I’m feeling more like a sensual woman and less like the men I work with.” 

Building on that success, I decided to create Your e-Sensual Started Kit with the 3 Secrets To The Ultimate Sensual Life For Professional Business Women. 

I call it “Your e-Sensual Starter Kit with Secret #1 Your e-Sensual Recipes,

Secret #2 Your e-Sensual Playbook, and Secret #3 Your e-Sensual Roadmap”.

With Your e-Sensual Starter Kit I can now help any busy business woman begin to transform her life into the Ultimate Sensual experience with better health, more joy, electrifying sensuality, with deeper intimacy and the best sex ever!  

And that's why I'm so excited to share this with you so you can get these types of results and more too!

“Your e-Sensual Starter Kit”

Darlene Loves


Secret #1
Your e-Sensual Recipes

Secret #2
​Your e-Sensual Playbook

Secret #3
Your e-Sensual Roadmap